Participation and exhibition conditions

Tattoo Convention Augsburg 2015 Kongress am Park

Gögginger Str. 10


Pimp your Skin Tattoo, Owner Marco Müller, Luitpoldstr. 18, 86830 Schwabmünchen is organzizer of the
"Augsburger Tattoomesse". In the following, "OG" called.


Registration for participation can only be done by submitting the completed and confirmed or signed registration form to the OG. The OG reserves the right to accept the contract offer. From submitting the registration form, no right to an legal entitlement is given.

Approval and acceptance of the contract

The contract is confirmed by writing and sending the bill to the participants (in the following "PP" called). A legal entitlement to contract does not exist. The OG reserves the selection of the participants. The exclusion of competitors could not and may not be required.

Publishing data

The PP allows the OG with the signing of the declaration, the publication of the name
of PP and possibly other data and their storage.

Force majeure and modification

Unexpected occurrences which make it impossible to perform the planned exhibition and are not in the responsibility of the OG authorize the OG

  1. to cancel the event before opening. If the event due to force majeure or government order will be canceled or closed, the stand rental must be paid at full conditions. In other cases, the unavoidable costs are allocated proportionally to the participants with a maximum amount of the agreed stand rental.
  2. to move the convention in time.
  3. to shorten the event. The booth fee is payable and will possibly not be reimbursed. A claim for damages in respect of the participant shall be excluded.

Refusal, transfer and modification the duration of the event

The OG is authorized to cancel, to move in time and move in locaction the event. Modification in available space and/or police official or regulatory requirements authorize the OG to move or change the bootharea of the PP. This modification will be part of the contract.
A Refusal for failure to achieve the minimum number of participants is reserved by the OG. Compensation claims are excluded for both parties. If the OG is responsible for canceling the event, the participant owes no stand fee.


By sending the confirmation of the contract, the booth rental will be charged. The amount is payable immediately. Failure to timely receipt of the rental
the OG can terminate the contract without prior notice. The OG is then released from its obligation as organizer. The participant owes the entire rental price. All prices are net plus
VAT. This also applies to participants from the European Union and abroad. The stand fee is payable even if the participant will not attend the event.

Among exhibitors, exhibitors, assignment of goods to third parties

The participant is not entitled to rent or ceded the assigned stand in whole or part space without the written permission of the OG.


The OG is entitled to terminate the contract exceptionally if

  1. the participant has given incorrect information,
  2. the participant present undeclared or unapproved products,
  3. the participant has not completed the stand construction before the beginning of the exhibition,
  4. the whole booth rental is not received on time,
  5. the participant has assigned its rights under the contract to third parties.

The OG is then released from its obligation as organizer. The participant owes the entire
stand rent.


The participant is prohibited from toll entertainment music playback in particular to
offer the items.

Serving and selling food and beverages

The participant is prohibited to serve drinks and food in payment or for free to the

Stand construction and stand removal

The participant is obliged to complete the installation and removal in the specified time. The removal must be completed at 21.00 h on the last day of the event. If not, the OG may terminate the contract and request compensation.

Stand operation

The participant is obliged to occupy and manage the stand for the specified opening times. The purification of the stand along the entire length of the state is also obligated to the participant. The participant has to dispose and separarte his garbage. Additional disposal costs are charged to the polluter pays principle.

Use of the stand

The organizer is entitled to examine the provided stand whether the exhibitor joined the appropriated activities in terms for the stand size and the specified goods or services. If specified goods or services are not offered or implemented, especially the piercing and the application of piercings, the OG is authorized to terminate the contract without prior notice and to clear the stand at the charge of the participant. The participant has to ensure compliance with all of his goods or services to policies and laws. If the OG get known to infringement, the OG is authorized to clear the stand at the cost of the participant.

Government agencies and offices

It is referred expressly to the legal provisions to combat illegal employment, health conditions and tax and trade legislation of the Federation, the Free State of Bavaria and the city of Augsburg.
The participant is known that various agencies, such as the Youth Welfare Office, Tax Office, Customs, Police, Health Authority and the Public Order Office may make announced and unannounced controls as well as visible and hidden.

Exhibitior passes

Each stand gets a certain number of exhibitor passes, which has to be carried along by the participants itself during the course of the event. These are not transferable and salable. Any infraction will result an immediate exclusion of the participants in the further course of the event. The stand is cleared at the cost of participants. Other required passes must be requested from the organizer. At a charge of 15,00 € / pass.


The general guard of the area and halls is the function of the organizer without liability for loss and damage. For the supervision and guard of the stand, the exhibitor is personally responsible. This also applies to the construction and dismantling times, outside the opening times.


The participant is obligated to have a public liability insurance for the event.

Photos, film, sound

Commercial photography and filming on the event area is allowed only from person authorized by the organizer. The Organizer has the right to take pictures and movies. The participant assigns all rights to the Organizer, which result from the photography and filming of his stand, his person, his employees, customers, products and services. It does not require further consent to the use of images, sound and movies that were created at the event by authorized persons.


The organizer accepts no liability for damages and consequential damages to the exhibits and the stand equipment. The organizer does not guarantee a specific result, and its profit and sales expectations of participants from the event.


Claims of the participants in the events expire after 6 months, starting after the end of the event. Specifically when the claim arose and the participants could become aware of the circumstances giving rise to the claim without the knowledge or gross negligence have learned about.

Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction

The place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Augsburg. It applies excluding the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Additional agreements are only legally if these are available in written form and confirmed by the OC.

Severability clause

If any provision of these terms and conditions will be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Errors and modification reserved. Last Update: 19.02.2011